Changing in social life - green widows

Since my last entry in this blog I have had a lot of things in my head. But since I have a book about sociology and psychology I have to think about our culture. Maybe specific thing in our social layers, maybe more global think. I don't really know. But the stratification in our country is almost in two layers. We can say low and high. In the meaning of people with a little earnings and people with high earnings. So that is also one of the problems of our political environment.
I would like to write about another thing which came couple years ago. This is the domestic psychological term of "zelene vdovy", worldwide known as green widows. You maybe know this term and can identify some gw in your neighborhood or maybe you are the green widow. Or you starting to be a green widow.....
So what does it mean? It is very easy in a nutshell. We can identify this phenomenon in the family of people with higher earnings. Well, how? Before some time we could saw a very big sales of land around the bigger cities in the Czech Republic. Yes, then large increase of a  housing development in these areas. And....then movement of families, new families to these houses. Men usually have to work so much and so long in the cities, because mortgages. And here we started to recognize our "green widows". In the beginning there were not so much posibilities how to get into the city without car. The transport infrastructure was really bad. The happy ones who had cars could drive their cars into the city. But some of these gw are not so confident to drive into the cities so they can only visit the big shopping centers on the borders of the city. And the rest of the time they are sitting at home, some of them with kids. And waiting for their men. So vicious spiral.
The question is: are we able to move back to the life in the villages? But as we know these "villages" are only new trend of "horizontal prefabs" (note: as my friend Lukas found this nice name). Or can we image what it is? Because if your family and you grown in the city can you imagine the life in the village? What will be the next stage? Will the green widows stay at home, thinking about unthinkable things and their men will stay at work for a long time or stay in the cities because they won't to speak about the unthinkable things?
....just your life....or tell me your opinion....or if you thing you could be a gw tell us how are things.....


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