Linux Expo and Open Source Conference - Prague 2010

Today we were part of the first Open Source Conference 2010 in Prague as a partner. Well, if I can compare it with previous "historical" years now it's more about presentations and workshops. So it's more oriented to these action and you can/will see probably less company's booths and more workshops. Today we also had a special guest there - Mr. Philip Andrews, who is regional director of Red Hat.
Also other Linux distributions were presented, mainly SuSe and Ubuntu.Open Source Conference and Linux Expo were at one place in Conference Center U Hajku, Prague 1. Our company presented Zimbra Collaboration Suite in the morning part of the Open Source Conference and I believe it was useful for customer who haven't decide yet. Hopefully there are some customers who would like to change proprietary software to open source. The main goal was that the main partner was Microsoft!



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