About Human Resources..........

Well, what we hear around us in the filed of Human resources? Wa can recongnize something like a Human Resources Management or Personal Management. We have some knowledge about the HR, yes these girls who are looking like a stewardesses are from there. But do we really know what are their jobs are about? Do you know all the activities which they are doing...or lets say what they should do...in most of the companies? Probalby not.
So what is it all about? All these departments should participate on the strategy of the company. At first, they should know all about the planned head counts in the company, types of employees, types of social units in the company, styles of managers, company strategy, company culture etc. Then they should have a perfect overview of the market (people, free brains, headhunters). Then in the HRM they should act as a marketeers on the people market. Ok is it all? No now we are starting selections of the candidates, recruitment process with all these interviews - with candidates plus managers. Then making decision with the managers. Well, if there is a chance then hiring. Preparing all the stuff like agreements, new place, table, welcome trainings etc. etc.
Is it all? No, they are also responsible for preparing plans, materials and metodologies for rating employees, train managers to do this rating correctly and for preparing clear, measurable goals for the next period.
Ok, then talents, possible leaders etc. should be recongnized in the company. So what else? Prepare trainings, prepare development centers and then also monitor the effictivity of all these activities.
Do you thing is it all? No we have some laws about the environment, place of work, light, toiletes and other things related to job types.....etc etc.
Well....then preparing jobs size, job descriptions. Looking on the market for the analysis of salaries...have you ever heard about Hay? (http://www.haygroup.com/ww/index.aspx) and more and more. Again strategy.

Is it more clear now? It is only like a quick, "in a nutshell" overview. But I thought it will be more clear, especially for you IT geeks ;-).
...and then compare it with the reality..... ;-)

And on the other side I would like to mention that on the first place all managers should be also hr. Because line managers are the most important guys in the day to day work with the staff. And if there is a weak point, all of the activities will be thrown away......and then compare it with the reality..... ;-)


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