Managing non IT staff in IT environment

Well, it's very hard to understand some of the non IT stuff who is currently working as a IT stuff. But their work seems more like an administrative stuff who is making these steps in the IT environment. Of course without any other consequences to the real IT job, technical knowledge or sense about the ICT technologies.
On the other side I can identify couple of these, a good persons, who would like to learn and increase the knowledge within the IT field. But on the other side I can feel a big problem with these older stuff, as I described, who would not increase the knowledge, who would not like to learn new things. Also they want not to change the habits, because they just doing this "couple of years and nobody cares.... so why we should change our habits, way of approach, even the approach itself". So very hard way of motivating them, because only motivation should be more money, less work or not changing anything. Even only the way of communication or using the effective time management. Which are the things who can help with the performance improvement and saving time. So they could be on the same......
Well, need to decide which tactics are the best for the people. But from now I can say that the way "lets do it and try to improve it" doesn't work. So kind of baby sitting need to be used here...but I am really affraid how much time normal guy can do it.... Or force them and use a tactics of the authoritative way, without any individual decisions, way of work or "free" job management. Probably yes, but I would like to notice that also this way might not be the One. Because they can block themself and be more deffensive and decrease the performance. Possible way is to use a method of sugar and black snake....Maybe this will form the small czech guys who are from my point of view like a "masters of workaround".
It is really different culture. E.g. you have an issue or problem or any other thing which need to be done. So in the US you can say: "Hey guys we need to do that and this". So two or three guys will roll up the sleeves and answer you something like "I can check it" or "I will do it". In the Czech Republic you will say the same question. But two or three guys will tell you how much this sucks, how imposible is to do it or something similar.
So can we still feel the memories of communist era? Are we not able to change here in the CZ? Or this is just about self-indulgence? I am not sure....but generally we need change.......


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