Think about people around you

Why to think about people around you? You can think about your friends, about your family or about your work environment. It is up to you if you can, would or must (and which one). This article is more dedicated to the work environment and people with you are working (and from this point of view is a probably must - mainly for you managers).

There are different techniques for managing/work with people, autocratic, democratic etc. From directive up to the soft methods such as coaching. Well, but the first thing we have to keep in mind is that every piece of the unknown social/individual unit is unique and you will never know which technique is the best for it.

But how to estimate? If there is an individual and or social unit which is not open or have not a willingness to share? I think one of the way is to get in and be one of them or try to understand their feelings (not to be superior or think somebody is not so smart - avoid the hallo effect). As we know each individuality has a different point of view for the same thing. I can see pretty nice thing and you can see very ugly and unuseful one. The level and understanding is the most important. Be sure about that before you try to manage them in the way you think is the best. If you use wrong approach and technique, it is the right way to fail.

On the other side if there is no way how to be one of them, you must use different techniques. I hope that we are able to think about ourselves even we are different and in most cases is more comfortable to not think. Do you think about yourself? Things which you did correct or wrong? Why we did that? What will be the "lessons learned" for the future?

Think about yourself and other social groups around you. Maybe you will find interesting things. If you have just open people around you, you are safe and probably more happy. And at the end think about what you are doing and if is interesting for you, if you are working with open people who are sharing knowledge and experience. If you are happy in the work and if you can use your talent or if you are doing that just for money. For more about freedom at work follow @tomashajzler or or



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