Stereotypes in people behavior

Stereotypes can help us a lot in the common world, in our daily routine and to recognize basic patterns of the people behavioral. But on the other side I mean we as a culture in general are mostly dependent on.We gather all the stereotypes from our parents, from senior workers around us and then it is very difficult for us to change our behavior and look at the problems, our lifestyle or upbringing of our kids from the other side. In some inovative kind of look.
Since new researches say to us something about new wave of resistance to the traditional kind of resistance to the "traditional" patterns of our culture. An example can be the OWS initiatives or research about young generation who do not want to step in the way, that their parents went for years.
My questions are related also to the stereotypes in the macro world, because if the patterns of it is used in the world economic and nobody is able look into the economic problems with the different glasses we are in the mystic circle of neverending problems. As I have heard from Tomas Sedlacek (macroeconomic strategist of the CSOB Bank), we have approximlatelly about 5 or 6 economic theories (sorry I don't know the exact number by heart), but in our western culture we know about 2 of them. These are based only on the mathematical-statistics basics. I don't want to raise the conspiration theories, but just would like to point on the stereotypes in the political, economical and also the universities environment. All related together from my point of view. All these support the old style of behavioral and transfer stereotypes (or we can say from the culture point of view also Jung's archetypes) to the next generation and wants to repeated, because of authorities in schools, political and or economical environment.
This is just an opinion with no currently performed research, but I can feel there is something wrong.....


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  2. I agree, stereotypes in general are big helpers on the one side, but the big problem on the other side..even greater problem is it in the personal life. But are we able to change it? In this case we have to know problematic face of this subject.



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