Freedom at work I.

Freedom at work is a very inspirative idea, which I have heard in CSOB and also from Tomas Hajzler (!/TomasHajzler). It is important do work in which you are interested, but how to do it? Is it possible in standing organizations within CZ region to be free at work? Or we are limited by our mortgages and or debts, limited by possibilites? Well, it is hard to say what you can do. One way is to start up your own business and try to sell what you have talent for. But you must find your customers, be visible, face the risk. Or you can start to be free in you current work, of course that there needs to be an enviroment in the company where this is possible.

Is the freedom at work needed/wanted by standing business managers in the companies? This is question to be asked. What are the main mesurables of the companies? Earnings. Is it the same for us or we are just power to create money for company owners? Or is it also our life approach? Well, how many percent of our employees do the work just for money?  I am not really sure how much but I have heard a very big number. But why? Are they all loaded with mortgages? Is it the habit or are they hold by the social environment and can hear from family that they must go to work because this is only the right thing and we have done it from the beginning? Maybe we have met all of these.

But why I can hear this? Is there something wrong if I just stay free for a while? Think about current life, work done and experience and try to find out what are the main values of my life and then decide if I would like to join company as a employee for a money or do things which are interesting for me and I am good in it? I prefer to think. When I attended workshop with Petra at CSOB ( there was an interesting question about talent "What do you think your talent is?". After while I have found that my talent is probably in socializing, get known by the people, ability to meet people and get familiar with the environemnt very fast. Is this where I can be good? Is it what I can sell? For now I do not know, but I will think more about that.

As I am thinking about the future I must mention that Tomas mentioned that in 21st century it is strange while we are putting together CV and trying to find our job. Yes, it is a little bit funny, that you create CV which is the document where all the people mostly lies and send it to the company where are probably some jobs interesting for you, but interpreted by usually not detailed and generic job offer. Managers and HR partners who are hiring you during the interviews are also not so open and can see the full job content, office environment after agreement is signed. After that you are in the new job, you have nothing as a backup and you will probably continue until you will find something or just do it because it is common and everybody go to daily work. How many of us said after first day in the work, that this is not our cup of tea and easily left? I did that because my feelings were too bad and I founded too hard to swallow.

I would like to continue this blog and study more about this area. Join other discussions and workshops about Freedom at Work. Coach myself for future task and continue.


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