Freedom at work III. (and Agile style of work)

As I have mentioned in the articles before, there are trendy words and techniques which top management uses without deeper knowledge. On the other side there are companies who uses for example agile techniques and all employees involved in the company exactly knows what does it mean (of course employees who needs to know).

I am thinking about two things - one of them is related to the freedom at work and the second is related to the management. Agile is technique which allows employees to have self coordinated teams without one "leader" (even they have scrum master, but he/she is more in the role of coordinator). Employees are "part" of the work done, they can work as they would like to, use new methods etc. But there are strict rules for meetings, for the goal, for the backlog and everything is managed by business needs (represented by Product owner). This is as I think kind of freedom.

Second is about management style, because most of the companies are trying to meet shareholders requirements - higher income. This is also question how high income can be and how the product can grow (but this can be another article). Management tries count FTEs to decrease  expenses, this is a question about motivation of employees who stay in the company who uses just simple count of numbers but no real optimaliztion and motivated team who is able to deliver better services, more work or what is needed by management.

So, summary for the management is that thinking about freedom at work and usage of different style of work can give lower expenses (e.g. developing misunderstood products), best time to market and motivated employees.....because without employees there are no management at all.


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