Fighting with stress

It is not so long where I got a question what put you under stress. And thats the point if we think deeper about stress. Usually we talk about stress in the job, but this is not just the moment if you colleague/boss or whoever else makes you angry...

As I am interested in triathlon races, training and healthy food and stress free environment I would like to mention that stress is taken from more sources. One of it is a psychological stress, second one is a physical stress (other is food, drinks, smoking etc.). We do not think about these two things together and sometimes we multiply the stress workload in our body.

Do you remember stressful day in the work? And then when you decided to push it from your head with portion of run or bike session? This is one of the multiplication of stress (of course, if you ride like an old mama, it is ok). I would say, there are techniques for the calming down and then thinking about other things, but wake up - stress follows you everywhere, even you are watching TV.

I have heard one of the possible explanation why we do the multiplication or we are still fighting with stress. You know you are still in the same office, same people, same old and ugly food court, fast foods, alcohol and still the same tv shows? Only a few persons can go out and feel free in the nature, trails etc. It has the historical explanation, because caveman has two possibilities when he was in the stressful situation

- fight
- run away

Nowadays you cannot usually fight with your colleague, boss or client. In most cases you cannot run away from you office and never get back. Thats the thing. You can run after work, get a beer and think that you are stress free. But what you do is just multiplication and making you body blind for a while. On Monday you will be back in the stressful office, with the same colleagues or boss.

We should live a balanced life. I mean life-work balance, sports and healthy food. Other ways, pills, alcohol or headless running around. Think about what you eat, drink and follow your body signals and be positive (I know it is the hardest thing sometimes :-)

Other thing is planning, organizing etc. which helps you to eliminate some of the stressful situation, but thats for another article.





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